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Greater London, E7 9QN

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The property is positioned directly off the popular Green Street. The property is suitable for a number of uses and has scope for major redevelopment subject to planning permissions

The property is located at 274-276 Neville Road, London, E7 9QL. The site is situated within the East London's Borough of Newham. Neville Road runs east-west between Green Street (B167) through to Upton Lane/ Stopford Road (A114).

The character of the area can be described as being mainly residential on Neville Road and the roads running parallel to Neville Road e.g. Boleyn Road and Upton Park Road. The dwellings in the area are generally pre-war, terraced houses with rear gardens.

To the east of these are predominantly residential roads. Green Street, which runs north-south and is a key commercial district in Newham. Most of the buildings in the proximity of the property were built in the 1960s, are modern with flat roofs and of 3 storeys.


The site is broadly wedge shaped and Its narrowest 'edge' (north boundary) is approximately 12m, along the back of pavement to Neville Road. The south boundary (rear of the site) is the wider edge of the wedge at approximately 25m in length, abuts the recently constructed place of worship. The site is approximately 49m in length. The west boundary runs parallel with the vehicular access road to the community centre.

From the back edge of pavement to Neville Road, The east boundary runs broadly parallel to the west boundary for approximately 12m into the application site. At this point, the site boundary widens to the south east corner. The east boundary abuts the rear boundary of commercial properties along Green Street. This is partly hardstanding for vehicles towards the north east boundary and single storey extensions of the commercial properties to the south east boundary.

Existing site access

The site is accessed by a 3.5m wide access driveway adjacent to the rear of No. 272 Green Street. A black painted industrial gate spans the width of the entrance and provides secure entry to the site. To the north and east of the existing commercial building is an area of hard standing.

Approx 0.2 Acres

Listed Features

  • Outdoor Space
  • Parking
  • Perimeter Fencing
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