When it comes to finding commercial property to buy or rent, most sites filter your search, often showing few or no results. But we believe in giving you better information, not less. That’s why we’ve created a unique scoring system that tells you, at a glance, how well each property matches your needs.

Read on to discover what our score means, why we’re different, and how we’re making intelligent property search easier.

More options, better Intelligence

As with many property sites, you can define your preferred location, price and property type when you search for commercial real estate with us. We also have a unique list of features for each property category to select, covering everything from 24-hour security to 3-phase power supply.

But here’s what makes us truly different to every other property search portal: we don’t use these criteria to cut down your results.

Why? Because we know that choosing property goes beyond tick-boxes. After all, your preferences may be flexible depending on what’s available, and at what price. To make an informed, intelligent decision you need a complete view of your options − and you shouldn’t have to spend hours fiddling with filters to get it.

That’s where our score comes in. Rather than limiting your options, we reveal your best matches by scoring each result from one to ten. These scores are based on your criteria, so are unique to your search.

Our simple but powerful score lets you decide instantly whether a property is worth looking at. And because we don’t hide results, you get to be the judge.

Property scores and what they mean

Our scores run from one to ten. A higher score means the property is a better match for you according to your search criteria.

For example, a property with a low score of two might be well out of your price range, or far smaller than desired. On the other hand, real estate with a high score of nine should be close to meeting all your criteria. And if it’s a ten… well, you may want to move in right away.

Of course, we know that some criteria matter more. Things like high ceilings and a period design are usually ‘nice-to-haves’, while price ranges tend to be less flexible. So to make our score as useful as possible, we use a clever algorithm to weight certain criteria differently.

Finally, you’ll notice that higher scores of six and above appear in green, making it even easier to pick out the right commercial property for your needs.

How to get scores

You can get scores for your property results in just a few simple steps:

1. Create a search for commercial property. You’ll be asked to choose a location, property type (e.g. retail space), and whether you want to buy or rent. For example, you may be looking for a serviced office to rent in London.

2. Hit ‘search’ to see your results. You’ll notice that each property has a grey question mark under it − that’s where the score will appear when you’ve refined your search.

3. Click the ‘Find your match’ button. Enter your preferences (e.g. price, size, amenities and services) and hit ‘apply’. Each of your results should now have a score.

Remember, you can also order your property results by price, newest or best match, using the drop-down in the top left corner.

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