At HARNESS, we're challenging the status quo of commercial property search.

We’ve worked closely with agents and surveyors, identifying their frustrations and needs. We’ve delved deep into the core issues of property portals. We’ve turned convention on its head – all to build a uniquely intelligent service that’ll put you at the forefront of property deals.

Here are the top six reasons why property agents use us:

Better Leads

We’ll get you seen by the right people. Users can choose from clear categories and tailored search features – meaning they’ll see personalised results, and you’ll get highly relevant enquiries.

What’s more, we don’t enable cross-category searches. After all, you don’t want questions about land if you’re advertising offices. With fewer dead-end enquiries, you’re free to concentrate on more valuable prospects.

Intelligent Insights

For every lead you’ll see a property match score. This powerful number tells you at a glance how well your listings fit the searcher’s requirements. Alongside other meaningful insights our score will help you prioritise responses and understand market demand.


We never exclude your listing from search results. It’s always visible to users, who rely on our property scores (rather than filters) to find a match. This gives you the potential for more leads per search, with no need to pay for ‘featured’ listings.

You won’t find this level of visibility elsewhere. We’re the only commercial property portal to work like this.


We’ll put you in front of a massive audience – one that’s highly relevant and engaged. You’ll also benefit from our heavy investment in marketing, which maximises site visits and builds confidence in our brand.


Our service is designed to put you in control. So, we treat our marketing comms as an extension of your own: white-labelling enquiry forms with your brand and using whisper messaging to redirect calls to you. This shows prospective clients that you own the relationship and positions your brand as the authority.


We won’t tie you into a 12-month contract – you can cancel your monthly subscription with us at any time. The reason we work like this is simple: we’re confident you’ll want to stay. Plus, it keeps us motivated to deliver excellent results, month after month.

These are just some of the benefits of partnering with us, but there are plenty more to come. We work tirelessly to improve our service, listening carefully to feedback from our clients. Our site has been updated three times in the past 15 months, and we won’t stop there.

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