Create efficiencies in your business processes and risk models. Inform your strategy
  • Mark-to-Market (MTM)

  • Revalue pools of commercial real estate to obtain estimates of the portfolio from both a rental and capital perspective. Assess loan-to-value (LTV) positions or consume the data into risk models.

  • Benchmark

  • Assess pools of properties in the context of proprietary stock and market distributions, understand where you are under and overweight or how a proposed scheme compares to the existing environment.

  • Value Relativity

  • Quantify the relative changes in market value by category and feature to augment your own analysis and business requirements. Currently available on a project basis only.



    Use market trends and analysis to better build risk models, using statistical market insights in real time, at the click of a button for optimisation of the application process and increased accuracy of the policy

    We recognise the challenges in valuing commercial real estate given the non-homogeneous form and function of the stock and occupants. Compounded by the prevailing data paucity and quality, it is countered by open and third-party products that are increasingly available. From an automated valuation perspective, our philosophy is appropriate use at each valuation touchpoint.

    Our nascent valuation technology leverages leading data science methods for the most granular view of the stock as the backbone for comparable transactions and features. This master view, in combination with our unique ability to match atomic data elements, enables maximum leverage of our own data assets by the valuation engine algorithms.