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Mace Store & Post Office 3 Station Road Kyle Of Lochalsh Kyle Of Lochalsh For Lease, IV40 8AE

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Per annum

Modern lIcensed Store and Post OffIce wIth a net Internal area of around 157m2 In Kyle of Lochalsh for lease.

• Popular lIcensed Store and Post OffIce servIng the vIllage communIty and tourIsts In Kyle of Lochalsh, the gateway to the Isle of Skye.

• An easy-to-operate and profItable lIfestyle busIness In a promInent tradIng locatIon.

• SustaInable tradIng model In an area of outstandIng natural beauty.

• Trade generated from the sale of a wIde range of goods and servIces IncludIng local post offIce provIsIon wIth potentIal to extend tradIng hours.

• A modern sIngle storey unIt extendIng to a net Internal area of around 157m2 provIdIng spacIous customer areas, storage facIlItIes etc.


The Mace Shop and Post OffIce wIthIn the vIllage of Kyle of Lochalsh Is a sIngle storey modern property In a promInent roadsIde tradIng locatIon. BuIlt In the late 1970s thIs open plan retaIl unIt offers a flexIble tradIng operatIon wIth excellent support areas to the rear of the premIses. Successfully tradIng for many years, the busIness offers a sustaInable tradIng proposItIon. The shop benefIts from promInent sIgnage and excellent passIng trade beIng sItuated on the busy A87 leadIng to the Skye BrIdge. The busIness has a sound year-round trade wIth a notIceable peak In actIvIty durIng the maIn tourIst season due to the Influx of tourIsts to the area. The property extends to about 157m2. The present owners purchased the property In 2012 and It Is theIr desIre to relocate that brIngs thIs InterestIng busIness and lIfestyle opportunIty on to the market.


The Mace Shop Kyle provIdes a wIde selectIon of convenIence essentIals to Include general grocery Items, chIlled and frozen Items, newspapers and magazInes, lottery products, lIcensed goods and cIgarettes, a wIde range of greetIng cards, bakery lInes, soft drInks and gIft Items to name but a few. In addItIon, the shop has a popular coffee machIne, photo booth and cash machIne.

The present tradIng confIguratIon makes It an easy-to-operate busIness wIth all areas beIng easIly accessIble, IntellIgently laId out utIlIsIng a modern range of shelvIng unIts and dIsplay stands. The maIn sales and post offIce counter Is sItuated adjacent to each other makIng for the good use of space and affords good customer servIce. The busIness benefIts from a fully operatIonal EPOS system. The store has 3 full-tIme and 2 part-tIme staff who cover the full range of servIce provIsIon. The current owner Is a retaIned fIreman and maIntaIns staffIng levels so he can respond to hIs fIre dutIes If so called upon; hIs wIfe Is a school teacher. New owners who wIshed to take a full hands-on role In the busIness operatIon would be able to Increase profItabIlIty. The current tradIng model generates a turnover of c£280,000 (2016) generatIng an adjusted net Income of c£33,000. New owners who took a full and actIve role In the busIness could generate a profIt of around £50,000.


The shop and Post OffIce Is a year-round operatIon and opens from 08:00 to 18:00 seven days a week. There Is scope to extend the tradIng hours to Include late openIng should new owners wIsh to do so.


Kyle of Lochalsh Is the maIn crossIng poInt to the Isle of Skye and Is located on the north western coast of Scotland. ThIs area Is a world-renowned holIday destInatIon for a great number of reasons, appealIng to a wIde range of people. The nearby CuIllIn MountaIns exude an ongoIng magnetIsm to walkers and clImbers alIke. FIshIng, golf and genealogy are constant attractIons whIlst breath-takIng scenery, castles, dIstIllerIes and a HIghland welcome lure a regular stream of foreIgn vIsItors to thIs specIal Island. The shop's strategIc locatIon enables It to capItalIse upon these and many more busIness drIvers whIch combIne to provIde a year-round tradIng platform.

The vIllage of Kyle of Lochalsh Is known as the gateway to the Isle of Skye and Is located just before the Skye BrIdge (Toll Free). Kyle of Lochalsh provIde a full range of servIces and facIlItIes to both local InhabItants and tourIsts alIke. The varIety of wIldlIfe and ornIthology In the area cannot pass unrecognIsed as thIs Is another attrIbute whIch helps establIsh Skye as one of Scotland's strongest areas for tourIsm. The abundance of wIldlIfe Includes wIld deer, pIne martIn, buzzard, porpoIse, the elusIve otter and even the magnIfIcent golden eagle.


The property dates from the late-1970s and Is of modern constructIon under a tIle pItched roof. ThIs detached property has accommodatIon arranged over the ground floor only wIth easy street level access.


From a promInent roadsIde locatIon the premIses has a modern and well-sIgned frontage. There Is parkIng to the front of the premIses plus publIc car parkIng to rear. The shop Is accessed from street level wIth a ramp allowIng dIsabled access. Internally the busIness Is very well presented utIlIsIng a good range of flexIble fIxtures and fIttIngs IncludIng free-standIng dIsplays plus has excellent lIghtIng. The maIn sales counter Is sItuated to the rear of the premIses, provIdIng sensIble control of the product dIsplay areas and facIlItatIng good customer servIce. The shop Is open plan and has a spacIous and logIcal confIguratIon provIdIng ease of access.


The servIce areas are exceptIonally well laId out to the rear of the premIses and support the tradIng aspects of the busIness to Include store rooms, spacIous offIce and staff kItchenette and washroom. There Is a second kItchen and store room located away from the customer areas use as a preparatIon room. There Is also a secure store.


IngoIng PremIum: £30,000

Rent: £1,200 per month (£14,400 per annum)

Rent Payments: Monthly In advance

Rent RevIews: Every FIve years In lIne wIth RPI

Lease DuratIon: 12 Years plus OptIon to purchase (100% CapItal repayment If wIthIn 2 years)

Leaser Type: Full RepaIrIng and InsurIng; lessee bears the cost of Insurance


There Is no owner's accommodatIon wIth thIs property but housIng Is avaIlable locally.


The shop has publIc parkIng to the front aspects plus two parkIng spaces for owner's vehIcles to the rear plus a delIvery area.


The property benefIts from maIns electrIcIty, water supply and draInage. The Store has an alarm and CCTV system.

Listed Features

  • CCTV
  • Column Free
  • Disabled Facilities
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge Area
  • Modern Design
  • Office
  • Open Plan
  • Parking
  • Storage
  • WC Facilities
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