Fields extracted by PDFx

What data does PDF Extractor extract?

Our PDF Extractor looks for a wide range of data from investment brochures, and extracts over 50 fields. But which fields are extracted, and what do they mean? Our glossary below explains.

Field labelDescription
File nameThe file name of the PDF document processed.
AssetIf there are multiple property assets in the brochure they will be numbered individually.
Process dateDate and time the PDF brochure was extracted.
AddressThe address for each property asset in the brochure.
Property typeThe property category, for example 'distribution warehouse'.
Use classThe use class assigned to the property, for example A1: shops.
TenureIdentifies the property's tenure status, such as Freehold, Leasehold, Long Leasehold or Heritable Interest.
Quoted sale priceThe sale price for the property within the PDF. This information is also returned for portfolio level details.
ValueAddedTax_TOGCWhether value added tax (transfer of a going concern) is included.
Quoted yieldThe net initial yield, which is the ratio of net rental income and gross purchase price of a property.
Quoted reversionary yieldNet reversionary yield (NRY) is the anticipated yield to which the initial yield will rise (or fall) once the rent reaches the estimated rental value.
Quoted purchasers' costsWhen acquiring property, the prospective buyer will usually incur costs in addition to the actual purchase price. These costs are often made up of legal and surveyor fees, VAT and stamp duty.
Quoted capital value (sq ft)The value of the property per square foot.
Estimated service charge (pa)The yearly charge for services provided by the landlord, such as the maintenance of common areas.
Estimated service charge (sq ft)The cost of service charges a tenant pays per square foot. This calculation is often used when a property is occupied by multiple tenants to ensure the service charge is divided fairly.
Estimated rateable valueThe open market rental value of a property, based on an estimate by the Valuation Office Agency. This estimate is used to determine the amount of business rates tax payable.
Estimated rental value (pa)The external valuers' opinion of the annual open market rent which could be expected from a new letting or rent review of the property.
Estimated rental value (sq ft)The external valuers' opinion of the annual open market rent which could be expected from a new letting or rent review of the property.
Rental income (pa)The gross annual rent received from the property.
Rental income (sq ft)The gross rent per square foot received from the property.
Area (sq ft)The size in square foot.
Area (sq m)The size in square metres.
Site area acresSize of the site in acres.
Site area hectaresSize of the site in hectares.
Site coveragePercentage of the site which is covered by buildings.
1954 ActWhether the business tenancy is protected by the 1954 Act or not, or if it's not known. The 1954 Act gives a business tenant security of tenure and the right to apply for a new tenancy, and the right to apply for compensation (in certain cases) if there's opposition to a continued tenancy.
Tenant countThe number of tenants within the building.
Unit countThe number of units on the premises.
WAULT years to breakWeighted average unexpired lease term is the average lease term left until the first break. This calculation is averaged across the portfolio and weighted by rental income.
WAULT years to expiryWeighted average unexpired lease term is the average remaining lease time left to first expiry. This calculation is averaged across the portfolio, and weighted by rental income.
Year of constructionYear the property was built.
Refurbish dateYear the property was refurbished.
Car parking spacesNumber of car parking spaces.
EPCThe EPC rating of the property, indicating the property's energy use and efficiency.
Eaves height metres (internal)The internal height between the floor surface and the underneath of the roof at the eaves.
Eaves height metres (external)The external height between the floor surface and the exterior roof at the eaves.
Title numberTitle number of the property.
Tenant nameCompany name of the tenant.
Tenant company numberCompany number of the tenant.
Date marketedThe date the extracted brochure was created.
AgentThe agent dealing with the property marketing.
ContactEmail address for the agent marketing the property.

Tenancy schedule fields extracted

Where available the following tenancy schedule information will be extracted.

  • Demise
  • Building
  • Unit
  • Tenant
  • Property name
  • Lease start
  • Break tenant
  • Lease end
  • Area sq ft
  • Area sq m
  • Rent per annum
  • Rent per sq ft
  • Rent review
  • Estimated rental value per annum
  • Estimated rental value per sq ft
  • Comment

Extracting additional data points

PDF Extractor is continually evolving and can be tailored to a user's specific needs if there are additional data points required. There are a whole host of new fields that will soon be extracted as part of the PDFx offering.

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