Once the little village of Harrow on the Hill, Harrow is the location where wealthy farmer, John Lyon, founded a free gramma school and invested in land that is now known as the highly regarded Maida Vale. Including districts such as Kensal Green, Harlesden, and Stonebridge Park the area is known for its famous Harrow Boarding School.

Property in Harrow is diverse. From pretty cottages in Harrow on the Hill, to twenties and thirties semis influenced by art deco and mock-tudor design, there is plenty to choose from.

Redevelopment in Harrow isn’t commonplace but the largest scale building project in 50 years is about to take place in the form of the re-development of the old Kodak factory site. Businesses looking to acquire commercial property in Harrow would be well advised to keep an eye on developments such as this.

As well was plans for almost 1000 new homes, the project includes 135,000 square feet of shops to let and buy, a health centre and a school.

Additionally, the formerly mothballed mixed use development for Bradstowe House is soon set for completion.

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