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A guide to the local economy, industry and commercial property

Less than 10 years ago Hackney was ranked one of the worst places to live in Britain, how times have changed. Originally a cluster of small villages and Tudor mansions, a few pockets of Georgian architecture can still be seen around places such as St John’s Church. However, at the end of the 19th Century Hackney experienced a population explosion due to its favoured location for industry.

Now, many of its huge houses were divided up to house workers and Victorian terraces were built for the working middle classes. In later years bomb damage and slum clearance contributed to Hackney’s rough and ready reputation but today the area has experienced a rapid rise in popularity both residentially and commercially.

Home to the trendy districts of Shoreditch and Hoxton, the area is a favoured location of technical, innovate and artistic start-up businesses and those looking for commercial property to rent or buy in Hackney have a variety of options.

In Hackney you will find trendy pubs, cutting edge clubs, arty types and Hipsters and the area’s popularity with businesses looking to capitalise on innovation and youth culture has grown immensely.

There has been much financial investment in the area and retail and office space to rent in Hackney is highly popular, particularly among high-tech communications businesses. The location’s large warehouses to let or buy offer value for money and great scope for industrial units and studios, often popular with the area’s design gurus and artists

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