Situated on the South Bank of the River Thames at the southern end of London Bridge, Southwark is rich with history. The borough has been the home of many ancient discoveries including evidence of early ploughing, burial mounds and ritual activity. A popular area for entertainment, the 1500s saw the both the Rose and the Globe theatres erected and the area was also known for bear-baiting. Today the Tate Modern and City Hall are evidence that the area’s importance as an entertainment hub continues.

Multi-cultural and diverse, Southwark has mix of poverty and wealth and in the last 10 years the north of the borough has been transformed. Borough market, Butlers Wharf, Tower Bridge, The Shard and Bankside are among its highlights. Burgess Park has experienced a beneficial make-over and Bermondsey Street is a great place for galleries, eateries, bars and cafes.

Commercial property in Southwark

Those seeking commercial property in Southwark have a number of options. Offices to rent in Southwark and shops to buy are available. Warehouses to rent or buy are less prevalent but working with a specialist commercial property agent will help source property at the best price.