As the second largest borough in London, Hillingdon is situated 14 miles to the west of central London. Home to Heathrow, the world’s busiest airport, Hillingdon boasts a strong economy and high employment. It is also lucky enough to have plenty of country parks, woodlands, rivers and the Grand Union Canal. With elevated levels of affluence in towns such as Ruislip and Northwood, the area has a higher than average number of owner occupiers.

It goes without saying the area is extremely well served by its transport network. Along with the airport it is extremely close to the M25 and has 19 railway stations. With such an excellent transport system world connectivity is on your doorstep in Hillingdon and the location has proved extremely popular for commercial investment. Uxbridge and Stockley Park are both long established business locations. British Airways has its headquarters in the borough, as well as Cadbury and Thistle.

Commercial property in Hillingdon

Businesses looking for offices to rent in Hillingdon or commercial property to buy in Hillingdon may find they need to pay a premium for the excellent transport links. Although traditionally both commercial and residential property prices have been lower than the London average, prices are on the rise.

2014 saw the opening of Heathrow Airport’s new Terminal 2 complex, part of £1.3 billion improvements and there’s another £1 billion on the way. With such a high probability of further development in the future, investment in Hillingdon commercial property could prove lucrative over the longer term.